Sydney Dental |The Truth about Common Tooth Care Home Remedies

Tooth care home remedies can bring instant relief to an aching tooth or even provide ways to whiten stained teeth. However, what most people do not realized is that home care remedies can be detrimental to your oral health if not taken and used properly. That is why moderate usage must be exercised when using tooth home care remedies. For instance, too much use of baking soda to whiten the teeth could rip the enamel right off your teeth. Sydney dentist advised patients to be extra careful about this since overuse or improper application can post a significant threat not just to your oral health but on your overall health as well.

Common Tooth Care Home Remedies

Baking soda

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Brushing your teeth with baking soda may help eliminate surface stain and make teeth appear whiter. However, too much or improper use of this could post some disadvantages. Baking soda can be abrasive to the teeth’s enamel. If use repeatedly over time, it could weaken the enamel and may cause sensitivity. Moreover, baking soda does not kill bacteria. That is why Sydney Dental professionals still recommend to brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste to prevent cavities even if you use baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Rinsing your mouth with apple cider vinegar may temporarily relieve toothache. Some suggests that gargling with it may also prevent sore throats. On the other hand, possible damage may also occur once use improperly. This is due to the fact that the acid of apple cider vinegar attacks the tooth enamel and could weaken the teeth, making your tooth vulnerable to sensitivity.

Activated Charcoal

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Crushed, activated charcoal can be used as a cleaning agent as well as a whitening agent for the teeth. Some suggests that placing charcoal on your brush, making black and then dipping the top of the brush in baking soda can help maximize the whitening effect. However, Sydney dentist always recommended to brush with regular toothpaste to remove the foul taste from your mouth. Aside from this, too much usage of activated charcoal could also post further damage to your teeth and gums.


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Some considers soaking an alcohol to an aching tooth could help lessen the pain. Whiskey or vodka, a type of drinking alcohol, can do the trick by taking a sip and then holding the alcohol over the tooth until the pain is subsided. Although there are some studies proving that this might be effective, it should be strictly done under proper supervision. You have to remember to use only drinking alcohol, not rubbing alcohol for there are some tendency that you might swallow it and further damage your body.


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Ice can be used to numb your mouth to relieve your toothache. To do this, some people suck on an ice cube or make an ice compress and then hold it on the side of the cheek. However, it would only help lessen the pain for a moment and then the pain will come back over and over again. Sydney dental professionals advise patients to check their tooth with their respective dentists to properly treat the infection.

Oil Pulling



Most people nowadays consider oil pulling as their everyday regimen to improve their oral health. Some research suggests that oil pulling can be an effective tool in drawing out toxins and bad bacteria in the mouth. However, it is essential to realized that we should not consider oil pulling as a substitute or replacement for standard oral hygiene such as daily brushing, flossing and a regular visit with your dentist. Although there has been no reported side effects of oil pulling, still, further research and studies is needed in order to find out its real effectiveness and if it really is as effective as brushing and flossing regularly.

There are many natural ways to get instant relief from toothache or to help whiten the teeth. However, Sydney dentist stressed that no matter how well an at-home treatment can work, these home care remedies can and will never replace the more standard and more effective oral care tips such as flossing, brushing and routine checkups and professional cleaning from your dentist. You may do all this stuff about home care remedies, but with proper usage and also, with proper guidance and consultation with your dentist.

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