Sydney Dentist Tips on Using Mouthwash Effectively

The use of mouthwash have always been a good part of good oral hygiene. It has fluoride that protects us from tooth decay and helps us eliminate different kinds of debris, foods or bacteria inside our mouth. It can even make our mouth feel fresh and smell nicer. Thus, research also revealed that using mouthwash could prevent different kinds of gum disease and reduce plaque or other types of periodontal diseases.

Effective use of Mouthwash - Sydney Dentist

However, Sydney Dental professionals stressed that it is important that we should know how to use mouthwash effectively. Let’s say we usually use mouthwash straight after eating. According to Sydney Dentist, we should wait for at least 30 minutes after eating before we use mouthwash. And just because we are using mouthwash doesn’t mean it can already prevent us from getting plaque and dirt inside our mouth. There are various mouthwashes and different types of it that are available in the market. It is essential to know that there are ways to use mouthwash correctly in order to effectively get rid of plaque and dirt in our mouth.

Here are some Sydney dentist tips to effectively use mouthwash:

● Brush and floss your teeth before using mouthwash.
● Make sure that you put the proper amount of rinse recommended on the container or by your dentist.
● Close lips and keep teeth slightly apart.


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